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This election is critical. The climate, housing and cost-of-living crises are worsening, and the major parties are in lock-step on making it all worse. The Greens are the only party ready to take on the big corporations who have Labor and the LNP in their pockets.

We are just within a few hundred votes of winning McConnel. But Labor and the LNP won't let us get over the line without a fight.

That's why we need you. The Greens don't take corporate donations, so we rely on the people power of ordinary Queenslanders to make a difference. That's how we win.

The Greens don't have the budget of the major parties, so having yard signs installed on fences in every neighbourhood across McConnel will significantly boost our presence. When people see their neighbours hosting a Holstein for McConnel sign, it sends them a powerful message that the community backs the Greens. 

Sign up here to let us know you can host a sign - we'll be in touch closer to the election to confirm.