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About Holstein

A photo of Holstein.

Hi, I'm Holstein Wong, and I'm your Greens Candidate for McConnel. 

I'm an engineer and a proud New Farm local. I love raising my young family here and getting to volunteer with amazing, vibrant local community groups and organisations.

I became an engineer because I wanted to tackle the climate crisis. I moved to Central Queensland to work in the resources sector, and a few years in, I realised that the big transitions needed to fight global warming aren’t going to happen while successive Labor and LNP governments are in the pockets of fossil fuel companies, big corporations and billionaires. 

The major parties will continue to let the climate crisis get worse, as long as their corporate donors continue to profit. Their lack of meaningful action not only harms our planet, but it does a disservice to workers in the sector and communities across our state including here in Brisbane. Change has to happen on many levels, and I’m getting involved in politics to make a positive difference. 

It’s not just the climate crisis – we’re in a housing crisis, and costs of living are soaring. Labor has failed to take action and the LNP don’t have a better alternative. Here in McConnel, people know that the status quo is not serving our community, and we need change. 

Our community deserves leaders who listen, who will fight for what they believe in, and will deliver an inclusive way forward.

That’s why I’m running to win and why I’m asking for your support this October.